What's New

What's New

Tuesday August 11th, 2020

Food Delivery is OKAY!

《Avoid Crowded Places 》

Afraid of being infected while eating at restaurants?

《Save Time》

What you need to do is only wait in your room,

wait for your meal and keep doing your job in a smooth way.

We allow guests to order Food Delivery.

Just choose the lifestyle you like!


*Please order the meal by yourself.

*Remember to tell the deliver your room number.

*Please pay the bill directly to the deliver.
Reservations/Inquiries TEL +81 3-6428-7490
ベストレート保証 | 当ホテルへのご予約は公式サイトが一番お得です!
Reservations and inquiries by telephone
+81 3-6428-7490
5 minute walk from Kamata station!
Red Roof Inn Kamata/Haneda Tokyo
7-24-7 Nishi-Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0051

TEL +81 3-6428-7490
Guests within walking distance will find directions to the hotel by tapping the icon with smartphones or tablets.